How to Declutter Your Kid's Room: Minimalist Mom 101

How to Declutter Your Kid's Room: Minimalist Mom 101

There’s a moment that all moms seem to have. The house grows messier and messier. The laundry builds up. You walk into your child’s room and suddenly it hits you. You just can’t take it anymore. There so much stuff, and there just isn’t enough room in your house. As your kids grow older, you might think that natural selection would weed out the toys, books, and clothes that inhabit their room. Yet, decluttering is a skill that takes time. It has to be taught and families can always continue to learn how to integrate a minimalist mindset. Keep reading to learn how you can declutter and organize to benefit your family and your sanity.


Mom’s guide to decluttering

  •  Don’t do it alone.When you have that moment where everything seems to be invading your space, resist the urge to grab the donation bin and decide what stays and what goes yourself. While this might be the fastest way to do it, it’s not the best way to do it. Remember, decluttering is a skill that’s taught and kids as young as three can and want to participate in anything that involves their belongings. Make it a teaching moment about how they can donate items they don’t use anymore and how they can organize the remaining items most efficiently. The more ownership they feel early on the more likely they will be to repeat this process in the future.

  • Allow them to lead.How often do you allow your little ones to lead the way? Probably not as often as you could. One great tip you can use when decluttering your kid’s room is allowing them to give you a tour. Pay attention! Notice the language that they use and what they highlight. This is likely what’s important to them. They may not say, “I don’t want to get rid of this” or “I haven’t picked this up and months – it can go,” but their language and expression can be telling.

  • Use familiar elements.Kids thrive on routine and on familiarity. Once your kids are preschool-aged, don’t hesitate to use elements that their teachers are using in their rooms at home. Cubbies, coat racks, bins, bookshelves. Teach your child to “give their items a home” in these various units. It will help them remember an easy way to organize.

  • Have a fashion show.When it comes to sorting through clothing, the key to decluttering is trying it on. Empty out your child’s drawers and closet and have them try on everything. Make sure it fits and make sure they like it. Kids can be picky about what they’re wearing, and the item shouldn’t live in their closet if they’ll continually reject it.


Benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle


As you begin to declutter your home and your life, you can begin to allow the true minimalist lifestyle to take hold. The benefits of the lifestyle are undeniable and include being happier, having greater peace of mind, focusing less on material possessions and more on health and hobbies, having more freedom and confidence, and creating more room for what’s important. What greater values to instill in your kids than the above? Start small and declutter room by room – it’s an easy way to make a big difference in your life!




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