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How to Declutter Your Kid's Room: Minimalist Mom 101

How to Declutter Your Kid's Room: Minimalist Mom 101
Posted on
There’s a moment that all moms seem to have. The house grows messier and messier. The laundry builds up. You walk into your child’s room and suddenly it hits you. You just can’t take it anymore. There so much stuff, and there just isn’t enough room in your house. As your kids grow older, you might think that natural selection would weed out the toys, books, and clothes that inhabit their room. Yet, decluttering is a skill that takes time. It has to be taught and families can always continue to learn how to integrate a minimalist mindset. Keep reading to learn how you can declutter and organize to benefit your family and your sanity.

The Importance of Supporting Small (and Women-Owned) Businesses

The Importance of Supporting Small (and Women-Owned) Businesses
Posted on
Supporting locally-owned businesses—and especially those run by women—allows you to give your community a unique flavor while also knowing the people behind the product. When you have the ability to take a business from just a convenience to a personalized experience within your community, it seems like an obvious choice. You’re giving to your next-door neighbors and their dreams and ambitions. You’re allowing women to step into fields they weren’t previous in, and you’re allowing them to succeed while doing it. Getting a better level of service is as easy as buying locally! Start today.

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